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Got road rage?

👀 I just HAVE to share this story with you... It's a true story that actually happened to me last week!

🚘 I was running behind to attend a Reiki practitioner share clear across town from where I live. Because I was in a rush I almost missed the Capitol exit and swerved at the last minute to get on and completely cut off the woman behind me.🙄 I felt bad and realized that I needed to simmer down and pay better attention to my careless driving. I was coming in hot behind the guy in front of me (as a result) and of course the light was green so I tail gated him big time to make the light. 😩 Needless to say HE WASN'T HAPPY!!

As we were going through the light, he kept slowing down until the light was ready to change again (all the while I'm like literally on his bumper). We get through the light and he leans out his window calling me all kinds of names, flipping me off and letting me know how he felt. Quite honestly, I don't blame him! 😓

Instead of reacting and doing the same thing...I pulled up next to him (as he's shaking his fist at me) and I simply waved...not a sarcastic wave, but a "HEY--I'm sorry, I own it type of wave". I continued on my way as I was almost to my destination.

That's when the unbelievable happened. He pulled right up next to me, I looked over expecting the worst. And he gave me the most beautiful "I'm sorry I was a jerk wave". It literally brought tears to me eyes. My heart was completely filled with so much love I couldn't believe it had I not witnessed it.

This just goes to show you---taking a deep breath---owning your shit and responding with love instead of more hate, literally changes perspective and shifts gears into LOVE!


Can you relate?



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