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Got strength?

How many times have you heard you gotta strength train to get gains?

What does that even mean?

Strength training places a force on our muscles that cardio training doesn't. It forces the muscle to act under stress which in turn makes it stronger. THAT'S what builds muscle strength.

Honestly, if you lifted weight twice a week (full body workout) you would see gains. Especially if you're a cardio junky.

Every year after age 40 women start to lose their muscle mass. That's why it's so important to strength train regularly. Consistency is so important! Hitting and missing weight lifting workouts stalls progress.

Need help getting started? you won't regret it!


Forcefit20 is on VACATION! But YOU'RE not! Austin is here visiting.... YAY!! I'll put your workout in the announcements section. Be watching for it! (TABATA baby!)


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