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Happy Lions Gate portal time 8/8 - 8/12

😳 What the heck is a Lions Gate portal?

  • The Lions Gate Portal, or Lions Gateway as it’s sometimes called, is a special opening of energies. It's an opportunity for you to manifest abundance in your life and step into new beginnings. Another reason for this opening is to flood the Earth with new light codes and activations.

There! Any clearer? As I've been journeying these last 2 1/2 years I've discovered SO many things I had NO idea existed. THIS being one of them. Energies? I mean...come on....

👉🏼But, seriously...turns out it's a thing. I actually did a ceremony/ritual to honor the energies and my manifestations. It was to say the least...AMAZING.

How do I do it?

🙅🏽‍♀️ First of all--there's no right way, or wrong way, this is just MY way. Ok? This is what works for me, but there are TONS of ideas out there to help guide you on your ceremonial way.

1) I sage myself. I release all the stickiness from me and give it to mother earth.

2) I palo myself to bring back the sweetness of the journey.

3) I invite my guides of love and light and high vibration to the ceremony with my singing bowl. (yes, I have one)

4) I give an offering (usually ceremonial tobacco)

5) I light some beautiful incense (chemical free of course, along with a soy candle)

6) I set my intention (what do I want to release, what do I want to manifest)

7) I chop up my cacao and cacao butter and drink with hot water while focusing on my intention

8) Meditate on my meditation as if it's now

9) Do a card draw

10) Close the ceremony with my singing bowl

😍 Easy peasy in 10 steps. We have SUCH a huge opportunity coming to us on August 11 with the Full Moon in Aquarius. I can't THINK of a better time to set an intention and have ceremony! Can you?

Want to learn more? Ask about my Body Consciousness FB group!! I'm always available! Freedom is FREE!



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