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Happy Memorial Day!

Here's to another Memorial Day celebration! A time where we give thanks to all that have served this amazing country so we can live in freedom. Sending so much gratitude to all for making it possible. 🙏🏼

Speaking of freedom... the month of June brings just that! Freedom to explore different modes of activity for my clients as I take the month off from personal training. 🏃🏼‍♀️ I did this only one other time, however, this time is different---this time I'll be exploring the freedom of taking care of my health. 💪🏼 Yep, you heard that right. Since April 29th, I've been dealing with some pretty serious sinus issues I thought were stemming from an infected tooth. As I've been digging deep into my past injuries/accidents working with other healers, I have uncovered some very interesting things. I believe it is all coming from a trampoline injury I sustained in 2003 where I fractured my neck....eeek!!! 🤯 Stay tuned for where this all leads me.

👉🏼 I share this not for sympathy, but for understanding the value of self care. So often we don't listen what our body is saying, and only what our mind is saying. We "DO" what we think we SHOULD do, versus what we NEED to do that's in our highest good. Call it people pleasing, or being an entrepreneur, call it what you will...but understand, true self care is the BEST gift you can give yourself.

To be continued....

As you enjoy Memorial Day...freedom... ask yourself: "What can I do for self care for ME today?" Then DO IT!!!!

Cheers to self care and to healing physical trauma!



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