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Hello Hello part two (weight gain)

If you didn't catch last week's blog about MENOPAUSE, go check it out. This is a continuation of the "M" word. And MEN---don't think this is just for women! This is as real for you as it is for us, only it's called: MANOPAUSE! So pay close attention!

2️⃣ years ago I embarked on a journey of discovering ME! Like, really getting to know who I was at the core. It hasn't been easy, lots of tears, lots of healing, and lots of learning! Two years ago is when I would say my body started changing, right along with my brain.

So last week I shared some remedies about HOT FLASHES. I want to add to that--because I'm always learning. Try some Geranium essential oil about your ankles! It's CRAZY how it works! My hot flashes are almost non-existent! Don't have any? Let me know and I'll hook you up! 🔥

Ok, let's get back to it. This week I want to tackle WEIGHT GAIN! 😑

👉First of all, DISCLAIMER!!! I do NOT suggest that you do this--ok? This was the journey and direction I personally chose....

Back story: I "had" hypo-thyroidism and Raynaud's (auto immune disease) plus started to go thru menopause with ALL the symptoms. I was SOOO frustrated with the medical industry because NOTHING seemed to work with the weight gain. I decided to throw out all my thyroid medication and all my hormonal creams and heal myself!!!! 😳

HOLY CRAP I was not prepared for the rebound effect, but I stayed the course. My body was like--what the heck are you doing now?? I became a ravenous researcher. I devoured any and all information about menopause and weight gain. THIS---is what I've discovered:

  • as Estrogen decreases weight increases as does cortisol (stress hormone)

  • as cortisol increases testosterone decreases

  • long, intense workouts INCREASE cortisol, so does calorie restriction

  • stress over the weight gain ALSO increases cortisol

The answer? PAY ATTENTION to decreasing your cortisol however you can! This one thing alone has led me to developing FORCEFIT20!! It's an online workout program that focuses on keeping the workouts short, intense but NOT long! The workouts are 20 - 30 minutes and focus on strength, flexibility, cardio and foam rolling. I go live Monday's, Wednesday's, and Thursdays at noon mst. If you're in the same boat--and want to be part of a healing tribe--join HERE:

THIS ^^^ combined with healing belief systems, trapped emotions and working with a medical intuitive have been the ticket to healing my mind, my spirit so my body can heal itself!

SHARE your experiences--please!! I would love to hear.

Next week: INSOMNIA! 🥱


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