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Hello Hello part two (weight gain)

If you didn't catch last week's blog about MENOPAUSE, go check it out. This is a continuation of the "M" word. And MEN---don't think this is just for women! This is as real for you as it is for us, only it's called: MANOPAUSE! So pay close attention!

2️⃣ years ago I embarked on a journey of discovering ME! Like, really getting to know who I was at the core. It hasn't been easy, lots of tears, lots of healing, and lots of learning! Two years ago is when I would say my body started changing, right along with my brain.

So last week I shared some remedies about HOT FLASHES. I want to add to that--because I'm always learning. Try some Geranium essential oil about your ankles! It's CRAZY how it works! My hot flashes are almost non-existent! Don't have any? Let me know and I'll hook you up! 🔥

Ok, let's get back to it. This week I want to tackle WEIGHT GAIN! 😑

👉First of all, DISCLAIMER!!! I do NOT suggest that you do this--ok? This was the journey and direction I personally chose....

Back story: I "had" hypo-thyroidism and Raynaud's (auto immune disease) plus started to go thru menopause with ALL the symptoms. I was SOOO frustrated with the medical industry because NOTHING seemed to work with the weight gain. I decided to throw out all my thyroid medication and all my hormonal creams and heal myself!!!! 😳

HOLY CRAP I was not prepared for the rebound effect, but I stayed the course. My body was like--what the heck are you doing now?? I became a ravenous researcher. I devoured any and all information about menopause and weight gain. THIS---is what I've discovered: