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HELLO my beautiful people! (Part 1)

Well, I gotta tell's scary to take leaps of faith! But yesterday I did and WOW I can't even believe the blessings of support I received from each and everyone of you reading this RIGHT NOW! I took a leap of faith and quit social media!! 😨 This is a big deal on so many levels, but I won't bore you with the details. The bottom line is--I only want to post to people who care about my material and actually WANT to read it. Those peeps are YOU!!

Some of you have been following me from the very beginning--some of you new to me and my meanderings. Either way you are ALL very dear to me.

Now...a little tid bit about me and my career journey that you might not know...👇

First of all, it hasn't been easy. Being me I'm talking about. I'm actually hard to work with turns out. ha! I've never been a good 9 - 5'er. I like being in control of my schedule, not someone else. With all that being said--I wouldn't be where I'm at right now had I NOT had all the experiences I've had.

I've ALWAYS known I had something to offer the masses. I've always known since the time I was very little that I wanted to heal people, help them, transform their lives. I just didn't know HOW. 🤔 I've always chased the elusive perfect career choice.

👉I started out as a group exercise instructor. I watched people change their bodies and their attitudes. Then that wasn't enough for me...I wanted more. So I became a personal trainer. That was gratifying--until it wasn't. People kept coming to me injured and I didn't know how to "fix" them, so I became a Corrective Exercise Specialist. THAT was very gratifying, still is. It's like putting puzzle pieces together. Who doesn't love a good puzzle?! Then people needed help with their diets, and changing their lifestyle behaviors---so I became a Health Coach. Always striving for more, bigger, better...what's the answer? Where is it. I went from Crossroads, to Broadwater Athletic Club, to Blue Cross, to Fuel Fitness, to my OWN studio, to online and now to my own fitness app. LOOKING 👀, searching...and then I found ME!

I woke up!

Stay tuned for part 2 and THANKS for subscribing! Feel free to interact with me RIGHT here in my blog. You got something to share? I wanna here!



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