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Here's to the sun...

I was sitting outside on my patio watching the sun peer through the tree and realized that not even smoke can stop the sun from shining. Such a gift to be able to shine even through the darkest of days. For me, I really have to is my day going to be? Is it going to be filled with doom and gloom? Or is it going to be filled with laughter, warmth and sunshine? Some days are easier and some days are harder for sure, but the reality is, that I still have a choice! I ALWAYS have a choice.

I know I've talked about this before, but the WAY I start my day makes a huge difference. If I don't leave room in the morning to journal, draw a card, meditate, shift my mindset into what I WANT my day to look like, then it seems my day isn't as full as sunshine, warmth and laughter. When I DO get up early and tend to ME, my day is ALWAYS full of bliss.

A bliss filled day is not a bad day right?

Wishing you a sunshiney, warm and blissful day full of laughter!


Melons are SO good right now!! I love me a good Melon bowl.

Check this out:

Honey kissed melon from Dixon melons

Fresh strawberries


Crenshaw melon

Fresh lime juice squeezed over the top

You're welcome!




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