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Ho' o pono pono plus+

Meditation comes in so many different forms. Meditation is truly just focused stillness of the mind. It can be achieved in the shower, on a hike, driving in the car or simply by doing the dishes. It doesn't require time in the lotus position humming Ommm.....

I wanted to share one of my all time favorite chants that have shifted me beyond words and led me to actually "make" a version of it into a mediation. What is 'it'?

It's 4 phrases: I'm sorry, please forgive me, thank you, I love you.

I came across this very simple method of healing when I was going through a rough spot with my son (sorry Austin). I simply chanted these 4 phrases over and over while driving by myself completely distraught when he moved out at age 18 after an altercation. We hadn't talked since the move for 2 weeks and after repeating these simple phrases, Austin called me that same day.

YES! I was skeptical--but after reading about a doctor who healed his psyc patients without even seeing them, simply by looking at their charts and repeating the phrases, I wanted to give it a try.


If you're feeling stuck yourself, or want to change a relationship dynamic THIS works! I still use it to this day for all the same reasons.

If you want to access it in meditation form, click here:

Enjoy and let me know your experience!!


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