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Introducing Anneliese Holy Fire Reiki Master!

I couldn't be prouder to announce a new healing modality to my Force Fitness tool bag: Holy Fire Reiki Master!

As I've been doing my own mental, emotional and spiritual healing these last 3 years, it came to my awareness that my next logical step was to become a Reiki healer. I took the dive to become certified and couldn't be happier about it. 😀

I love being able to offer a different kind healing with Holy Fire Reiki. I've always thought that there was more to just working out and eating right to achieve true health and wellness. NOW I'm able to add the spiritual aspect to training the MIND, BODY AND SPIRIT!

If you're looking to experience the healing power of Holy Fire Reiki you can set up an appointment right here:

I look forward to helping you heal your mind, body and now SPIRIT!

Love and hugs!




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