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It's a Buddha bowl kind of day!

One of my favorite meals to build is BUDDHA BOWLS! You can literally make a Buddha bowl out of anything.

This one is simple: IT'S JUST A SALAD with artichokes, cherry tomatoes, blueberries, Mozzarella balls and avocado. I added some edamame for some protein.

👉Here are some other fun bowls you can throw together to change things up:

Spicy Tuna bowl: Ahi tuna with some quinoa, roasted veggies and a toasted sesame seed dressing.

Taco burrito bowl: Taco seasoned ground beef with shredded cheese over black beans, crumbled tortilla chips (optional), tomatoes, onions, and what else you love.

Parmesan chicken bowl: Grilled chicken over rice, with roasted veggies of choice, and grated parmesan with dressing of choice.

🧐What's YOUR favorite Buddha bowl!!


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