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It's all about intention...

👉Do you set a daily intention? Or do you wake up with JUST enough time to get dressed and fly out of the house without breakfast to get to work on time?

👉Do you feel rushed, stressed and hurried all day long, every day, every week, every month with no end in sight?

👉Do you feel exhausted, unmotivated and depressed about your mental and physical state of health and have no idea how to turn it around?


Here's some REALLY easy tips to help you turn your mental and physical state around:

1) Set an alarm! YES!! It's that easy... set an alarm 1 hour before you have to get out the door (at a minimum)

2) Find a private, quiet space that's just for you to be still, meditate, journal, breathe. Light a candle, some incense and set an intention for the day! What do you want your day to look light, feel like. What do you want most? Happiness? Peace? Smooth sailing? THEN WRITE IT DOWN!

3) Honor it! Honor your intention by grounding it. Drink some tea, cacao, coffee, whatever feeds your soul. Spend some time with just YOU!

4) Draw a card. Yes, a card--from an intentional deck of cards. You can find them online at They have a great selection.

5) Choose ONE intentional PHYSICAL thing you will do just for that day--such as get in 10,000 steps. Start SMALL! You will feel SO accomplished for the whole rest of the day!

Let me know how it goes...

🤩You're welcome!


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