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It's detox time!

💪You KNOW I love health and everything about it right? Well, one of the best ways I keep myself on track is by detoxing quarterly. And it's always more fun to detox WITH a group, so I thought...why not do a GROUP detox!

✔It kicks off Monday July 20th in my FIT FORCE group. If you've been dying to do a detox, but don't know how or what to do, now is your chance! OR maybe you've done one before and it's time to clean out the pipes again...well, here's your opportunity!

👉I'll be doing the Orenda 10 day detox. It's a chemical detox that is eliminated through the intestinal tract rather than the liver and kidneys. I love it and ALWAYS feel energized afterwards. Here's the link to order yours:

Order it today to ensure it gets here by the 20th!

❌Don't want to do the Orenda detox? No worries! You can still participate! Just do a whole food detox instead. It's the same idea! No grains, dairy or processed foods.

Here's the link to join the fb group FIT FORCE if you aren't a member already!

We GOT this!!


Forcefit20 is STRENGTH to the nines! You coming? 12:00 mdt fb live! See you soon! it's never too late to join!



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