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It's never too late...

If you REALLY want to know what all this hulla balooo is all about--with the flowers and herbs in the water etc. Then take a read!

☀️ Summer Solstice Ceremony (thank you for sharing Taryn Strong's idea Chelsie Kennedy!)

Intention is everything--start with that!

1) Fill a tumbler full of water, and infuse it with your intention of what you want summer solstice to bring to you.

2) Leave it in the sun (and the moon energy) all day and all night.

3) Intuitively pick flowers, herbs, crystals that speak to you and infuse each with a specific intention as you drop them into the water.

4) Let your intentions sit in the sun all day with your intentions.

5) Give them back to Mother Earth giving her thanks for sharing her gifts with you.

😎 It's that simple and it's never too late to do YOUR summer solstice ceremony!



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