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🥰When your client surprises you with HOME MADE Kombucha!! WOW! Was it ever good!

According to Discoverhealth magazine, Kombucha, pronounced “kom-BOO-cha,” the drink is a fusion of sugar, bacteria, yeast and, sometimes, fruit. Many people enjoy the tart, slight sweet taste of kombucha and may use it as a stand-in for soda or cocktails. But, undoubtedly, kombucha’s popularity is also powered by its purported health benefits — rumors that can be traced to the fermented tea’s origins.

Proponents of kombucha say it supports digestion, metabolism, immunity, liver function and more. Staunch kombucha evangelists say it can fight a variety of ailments, from hair loss to obesity to diabetes — even cancer and AIDS. A bit of “booch,” as it’s affectionately known, is also thought to rejuvenate, revitalize, reenergize and restore one’s body and mind.

Although Kombucha may have these purported health benefits, there are some things you may want to pay attention to when buying your own.


1) Make sure it's in a glass bottle, not plastic (darker glass protects the probiotics)

2) If there is more than 4 sugars listed, there might be added sugar on top of the naturally occurring sugars.

3) Look for natural ingredients like spices and herbs versus artificial ingredients or flavor enhancers.

4) Kombucha containing more than 0.5 percent alcohol is considered by the FDA to be an alcoholic beverage.

Want to make your own? Patience grasshoppa! The entire process can take anywhere from 7 to 30 days!



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