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Leo...all heart

♌Yesterday was a big day for the world. Not only was it New moon in Leo, but also the opening of the Lions Gate portal. What the heck you say? 🤯

It's no coincidence it landed on 8/8. Eight flipped on it's side represents the symbol of infinity, ♾ and with these powerful energies of the new moon and the opening of the portal--abundance, wealth and success are yours to be had. No matter your belief system--this is a powerful time for healing and manifestation. It's a time to plant seeds for the future and meet any of our shadows that prevent us from achieving our highest potential.

These energies are powerful for the 24 hours--so if you haven't yet set your intentions, you can still do so tonight! 🦁 Leo reminds us to have the courage to ask for what our hearts truly desire, and understand with confidence to know that it is HERE right now. Leo provides us strength to move through any obstacles in the way with GRACE and gratitude.

HOW do we honor such a big day? Let's talk CEREMONY...I shared a little bit about Cacao ceremony in a previous blog, so feel free to check that out, but ceremony is a GREAT way to honor the new moon AND the Lions gate portal. Here are some ideas you can put in motion immediately.

1) Affirmations: Make a list with 2 columns. First column, right down where you're struggling with confidence. Reflect on your thoughts and beliefs that keep you stuck. Second column, write down affirmations that will help you heal from your insecurities. Repeat them when your shadow shows itself to you. Be AWARE and always in observance of YOU.

2) Meditation: Right now the heart chakra is very attuned to the Leo energy. Sit in meditation with a green crystal, even place it on your heart and tune in to a heart meditation. I love this one:

It's only 6 minutes long. There's MULTIPLE on YouTube--just search heart chakra meditation.

3) Cacao ceremony: I light a candle along with some incense and write my intention down. I celebrate it with a cup of delectable cacao. You can do ALL the above too. Remember: The ego thinks, but soul FEELS!

Hope this helps unleash the power of LEO energy within! Here's to manifesting!



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