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Lily white

White lilies symbolize purity, rebirth and femininity...

Often chosen for both weddings and funerals, white lilies symbolize a rejuvenation of the soul. They can represent purity, commitment and rebirth, which is why they're often chosen as Sympathy Flowers.

The shape and variety of colors, and the sweet scent of the fragrant varieties make some species of lily the ideal symbol of femininity. This symbolism dates back hundreds of years, originating with Ancient Egypt. Greek and Roman brides were often given a garland of lilies to wear in their hair, signifying the promise of a pure and fruitful life.

When a shift in consciousness occurs, I like to honor it. What better way than with a white lily. (Thank you Lynette). Honoring growth, rebirth and my femininity allows my soul to feel acknowledged and rejuvenates the soul!

Cheers to growth! It's hard work, but so worth it!


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