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You know how you want something so bad you can kinda see it, but not really? I mean, you know it's there, you've seen it before or at least got a glimpse of it--but can't exactly picture it clearly at the moment?

Manifesting, or creating reality is all about mindset.

The bottom line is: we create our own reality. Thoughts become things. So, how do we create what we want in life?

1) CLARITY of what you want exactly is key. Your "goal" can not be vague. It needs to be specific complete with a time frame.

2) WRITE it down, place it on sticky notes, make it your lock screen on your phone or computer. Write it in present tense as if you are already living it. Don't say I want...or you'll always be wanting it. Right? Present tense--very important.

3) VISUALIZE what is looks like, feels like, tastes like. Put all your 5 senses into play. Create a vision board. Place it on your alter. Put it OUT THERE.

4) TALK ABOUT IT, tell as many people as possible that this is your goal. It's what you are creating so they can be a part of it and help you materialize it.

5) SHOW GRATITUDE daily! Whether you journal it, pray about it, think important to be grateful for what you already have so you can manifest more!

What are some of YOUR manifesting tips?


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