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Medicine ball FUN!

Forcefit20 is adding more equipment to it's arsenal! 🏀

In October we purchased barbell equipment, before that, bands and now we're adding medicine balls to our repertoire.

In Forcefit20 we utilize different pieces of workout equipment such as: dumbbells, step, barbells, stretchy bands, body weight and medicine balls. I'm so excited that my tribe is invested not only financially, but also physically, mentally and emotionally. 🤩

I count on them JUST as much as they count on me to show up! We hang out via fb live every Monday, Wednesday and Thursday. We whine together, laugh together, workout together and have so much fun doing it! On Monday's we do a cardio/fusion class, on Wednesday's we do a power strength class and on Thursday's it's always a wild card day!

💪If you're looking for a way to improve your health and fitness in just 20 minutes a day, come and check out what it's all about!


Hey hey's Wild Card day today! You wanna come and play? See you at 12:00 mst via fb live




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