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Merry Christmas!


I couldn't let this opportunity slip by. The opportunity to share my Merry Christmas wish with YOU! You, who are my greatest supporters and lovers of me. And for that, I am eternally grateful. 🙏

Now--on to my Merry Christmas wish:

I wish you love, happiness, and all the gifts that you deserve.
I wish you magical moments, that include moon beams kissing your face.
I wish you peace, with candle lit baths in essential oils, and soft music playing.
I wish you laughter, tears of healing, and soul growth.
But mostly I wish that you truly find yourself and never lose you again!

Just a little snap shot of our little family gathering. Sometimes we EMBRACE those moments when our children are open to being silly with us--this was one of those moments of them indulging me and my cheerleader memories! 📣

Bottom left Tyler (Tim's son) Tyler's wife Maike on top

Middle right: Kelsey (Tim's daughter) Kelsey's husband Sam below her.

🥰So much fun celebrating the holidays with these kids we don't get to see very often. Seize every moment. Make those moments count!!

Love, hugs and Christmas wishes! 🎄



The REFRAIN FROM THE GAIN challenge ends December 31st! Who's gonna win? We have 3 great prizes: $120 gift card, Wellness basket, Force fitness apparel. WOOT! I can't believe it's already coming to a close. Don't forget to take your pics, measurements and send your final numbers to me! What a great way to end 2021!!


January is right around the corner and so is the DETOX to kick off the year. Who wants to join me January 2nd? Multiple ways to detox: 7 day detox, Orenda 10 day detox, Biotics 15 day detox. You choose--let me know which one you want to do and we'll get you set up!




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