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Monday madness

💥The great January reset DETOX has officially ended today! WAHOO!

For the last 15 days the Fit Force tribe, Tim and I have been off of sugar, white flour, caffeine and processed foods! Can I just say--WHEW! We feel a ton better.

🔥Less bloated

🔥less puffiness

🔥less inflammation

🔥better sleep

🔥better energy

🔥better clarity

🔥no more cravings

I love to detox my system quarterly just to fine tune my immune system and reset my brain. If you want more information on how you can experience all these WONDERFUL things let me know!!



FORCEFIT20 = cardio/fusion today! All you have to do is show up and I'll do the rest! See you at 12:00 mst fb live




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