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Motivation Monday!

👉What's it like to be happy and care free?

Well, it's the opposite of being sad and stressed. 😎

I talk to a lot of women who feel sad, stressed, stuck, imprisoned and just plain miserable.

One of the things we discuss when chatting about my Enlightenment program is where they are at emotionally. What got them to this place they are in.

💥Nine times out of ten it happened when they became a parent or got married and lost themselves. They no longer know who they are or what they want, they just know something is missing and can't identify it.

💗The first step in transforming is acknowledging unhappiness and stress. The second step is then reaching out for help.

Reaching out for help is not only life changing it's paramount in transformation. If we were really meant to navigate our unhappiness and stress alone we would have it all figured out right?

Find your tribe!


Cardio/fusion Monday! Today at 12:00 mst in the forcefit20 group!

Want to join in?



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