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Motivation Monday!

👉When you need a little motivation, just call on a friend, a mom, sister OR a personal trainer with a camera!

But seriously, sometimes it's just HARD to get motivated to work out, but let me tell you...these 2 right here have it figured out. In fact, ALL my small group trainees have it figured out. It's WAY more motivating to work out with a group than by yourself. That's the bottom line.

It's just more fun to laugh together, whine together and just plain BE together. These gals are demonstrating a "swimmer" exercise at the end of their workout. I couldn't quit laughing and neither could they, I just had to share.

Grab a friend, mom, sis, co-worker and get moving together! Your health will thank you for it! Is it time for you to get moving?


Motivation Monday = Cardio Fusion = BOMB BURSTS! We are SO overdue for this gem! Let's rock it! See you at noon mst via fb live in the Forcefit20 group.




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