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Motivation Monday

What does independence mean to you?

Does it mean dependence on another or independence on another?

Do you know the difference? It's ok if you don't. Some people don't.

😁 I was one of those who didn't....until I healed myself.

It's not easy healing the addiction of another. I see it all the time with the women I work with. They get lost in their kids, their work, their spouse--everyone/everything but themselves.

When asked "what do YOU want?" "What do you like to do?" "What do you need?" They have no idea. They are so caught up in taking care of everyone and everything else they lose who they are.

❌Independence is depending on YOURSELF for all needs, not on another for completion.

❌Independence is thinking for yourself, knowing who you are and what you want for yourself.

❌Independence is freedom.

Are you free?


I'm BACK! And I'm ready to RUMBLE! Let's do a little TRX training today! I'm going live at 9:10 am in the Forcefit20 group. Please say you'll make it? See you soon.



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