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Motivation Monday!


🧐If you look closely, the cat under the tree is chasing a squirrel while Sansa and Khaleesi WATCH. What you don't see is the mag pies chasing the cat.

Quite a fun little game of chase to observe.

It makes me ponder about how many times we watch, observe, pause and LEARN from the experience. 🤔

👉This scenario playing out in nature goes on daily, but how many times do we stop to watch, observe, pause and take it all in. What do we have to learn about that experience? What does nature want to teach us? Are we willing to be open enough to learn from the lesson?

🙏My MISSION in this life is to really be present in the moment enough to STOP what I'm doing, watch, observe, pause and learn from every experience being brought into my realm. Am I just bumbling thru my day? Or am I REALLY observing my surroundings and trying to soak up every lesson I GET to learn for the day?! is SO glorious if we watch and learn. Are you paying attention to your lessons?💗




FORCEFIT20 is all about TABATA today! Are you coming? 12:00 mdt via fb live.



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