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Motivation Monday

Morning dew is nourishment to the plant, just like food and exercise is to the body.

We so often take for granted what our bodies are capable of doing.

We abuse our bodies by starving them, stuffing them, not moving them, dumping toxins into them, and yet they still go on.

Just think about what would happen if we nourished them with food and exercise, fresh air, clean water, sleep and lived in a toxin free environment.

It's not hard to do, it's simply a choice. We make choices every day. How we choose to live and what we do with our bodies boils down to WHY we choose what we choose.

It's all about your WHY! Why do you care about what happens to your body? Knowing your WHY can help motivate you to make better choices!

What's YOUR Why?


It's time for PYRAMIDS in FORCEFIT20 today! Am I going to see you? 12:00 mdt fb live



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