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Motivation Monday: Don't give up!

So, I've been watching this cute little dickens the past few days eating all the seeds from my bird feeder...BEFORE this pic, he was able to crawl out on a limb to get the seeds very easily. I was filling the feeder FAR too often, so then I thought...maybe I should trim the branches to make it a tad more difficult for him to get to them.

First day, he was perplexed. He knew he had gotten the seeds before and couldn't figure out what was different.

Second day, he tried to stretch out as far as he could with his little paws but they were still out of reach.

Third day, he took the leap!! He literally jumped onto the bird feeder and well, there ya go.

Moral of the story: DON'T give up! There's ALWAYS a way around ANY obstacle, you may have not found it yet, but you never will if you give up. Too often, when the going gets tough it's just easier to give up--but can't never did nothing, so DON'T GIVE UP!!



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