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Motivation... PICKLE BALL!

When was the last time you tried something new? a new sport, a new trail, a new job? A new ANYTHING? Isn't it kinda scary?

Well, this crew right here accepted a challenge put out by our very own Kelsey and Sam Parke (Timmy's baby girl and her hubby). They brought over 4 pickle ball paddles and balls and challenged Tim and Austin.

I'm gonna say WOW was that ever fun to watch. From so many points of view, I got to see everyone's skill improve immensely as they continued to play and build muscle memory. It was fun to laugh as everyone's mistakes (lovingly of course). It was fun to see everyone cheering on each other as they got better. This right here is what makes us CONNECTED and even more loving toward each other.

Thanks Kels and Sam for being such great teachers with LOTS of patience!


And what NEW thing are YOU gonna try this week?


Ok, it's TIME to get off the vacation wagon and BACK on the consistent workout wagon! SHEESH! Who's with me? We're gonna be doing INTERVALS today. It's gonna be a SWEATFEST! Please prepare NOW! Forcefit20 is ON FIRE! if you wanna join in the fun!



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