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No obstacle is TOO big to conquer if you have a will, a way and a partner in crime.

A will = reason, purpose, drive, motivation, goal, target, end result. All these things are necessary for the other 2 to even come into the picture. A will is determination, it's your WHY!

A way = plan, structure, protocol, strategy, guideline. So important to have a plan of attack. a way to execute your will. You can't accomplish anything without a WAY to do it. It's your WHAT!

A partner = coach, cheerleader, buddy, comrade, friend, confidant, lover. Accountability is key to successfully of accomplishing your plan. Accountability keeps you on track and focused on your goal. It's your HOW!


Power strength = #REPLAY come on....I KNOW you're excited to do this one. Check it out in the announcements of the Forcefit20 group. Play along and let me know you did it! CHEERS!




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