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On top of the world

💪Fitness comes in many forms. But the one I like to reiterate reminds me of this phrase in particular: "Healthy mind, healthy body"

I can't tell you just how much this proves to be true over and over. You see, I was one of the biggest offenders. My body would break down and I would try to fix my body. It didn't occur to me that it could be my "MIND" breaking my body down. ✨

Let me explain....

👉When I could not consciously acknowledge my mental stress, my body would respond to it and break down. My chiropractor was the one who pointed out the fact that maybe I needed to look deeper into what was causing the break down. I started to look deeper and was able to "ask" what this stress was really about and was always shown.

Sometimes it's hard to acknowledge the huge connection between the mind and the body, but let me tell exists. 💥

Sit back, reflect and see what you come up with in YOUR body!

Today's Wednesday Words brought to you courtesy of "The M" in Bozeman!


Power Strength BOOM! Let's do this! See you today at noon mst fb live in the forcefit20 group.

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