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Part 2: for my beautiful people only...

If you missed part 1, check out yesterday's blog (Monday 7/12/21). Today is a continuation of that..."my journey".

❤ Let me pick right up where I left off....

me finding me.

As I write those words, I realize how strange they seem. I mean, it's not that I was lost, but in a way I was! It all started when I took a walk in a completely different neighborhood than I normally walk in way back in April. April 24, 2020 to be exact. That's when my consciousness journey began.

I'm being VERY vulnerable, raw and honest with you right now ok--so bare with me. 😥Feeling safe enough to write this is very important to me--so I guess I'm asking for a little grace and an open mind while you read it. 🙏

So, basically, I had NO idea just how lost I was until I got an evolutionary astrological chart reading. There it was, clear as clear could be---my life path. Complete with the contract I signed when I entered this world. All my mistakes (in my mind), meanderings, joys everything, spelled out so eloquently.

Sounds crazy huh! A chart reading that showed me my life assignment, my core wound, my highest potential? I mean--SERIOUSLY??!! At first I thought it was ludacris that this could be a thing--until I said YES to the journey. When I said YES--my soul heard me and catapulted me into my awakening. My ego didn't like it, not one bit at all, because it meant CHANGE and change is uncomfortable, it's scary, hard--but then those are all stories I told myself. I've learned so much since then, and continue to learn EVERY DAY about living my most authentic, best life here on earth.

I know my HIGHEST potential is in my career--my career of HEALING others. So, here I sit in surrender, and awe of watching it all unfold right before my eyes. You as my witness. 💕

So please --- if any of my words have touched you, triggered you, intrigued you--let me know.





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