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Physical pain...

Are you in physical pain?

Have you been to every doctor, physical therapist, chiro, naturopath etc. without any answers to alleviate your pain?

Consider this just for a moment...that it possibly could be caused by unresolved or trapped emotions. 🤯

Hear me out.

If you agree that we all have two sides: left and right; let's go a step further that the left side is our feminine side and the right side is our masculine side.

Is your pain right sided or left sided?

Masculine side = ego (security, safety, protection, mind)

Left side = soul (emotions, freedom, non-duality, body)

We need BOTH sides to operate right? If one is out of balance then, DIS-ease. Maybe just maybe digging a little deeper into the imbalance of the masculine feminine sides, you can heal yourself!

Does this resonate? Want more info? 😍




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