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Refrigerator Canyon

I love exploring different hikes I haven't been on before and this past weekend Tim and I ran up to Refrigerator Canyon to check it out. It did not disappoint! I loved the varied terrain. We started climbing through big boulders with water trickling through them. It was chilly--I understand the name now! 😁 Then we entered into a pine needle covered single trail. Beautiful smells surrounded us. As we kept climbing, the pine needles turned into a dirt trail. Switch backs wrapped us around the mountain. We could have climbed for hours. Time had no meaning. Getting lost in the moment was real... such a gift.

I have to say my most treasured part---finding Snake grass! That brought me right back to my childhood days. I grew up with the Sun River in my back yard. Me and my sibs would play from sun up to sun down. Riding bikes, making mud pies, catching tad poles, ANNND gathering snake grass. I made MANY necklaces and bracelets out of that unique grass. What a treat that was finding snake grass--bringing me back to my roots when life was simple, stress free and easy. A memory for the books for sure.

What are some of YOUR favorite childhood memories? Do share...




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