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Reiki Sound Bath Healing Experience

I had the absolute pleasure of hosting an amazing in person event featuring Sara Gasch with The Grounded Path. What a gift she gave each and everyone that attended. What is a Reiki Sound Bath Healing Experience? In Sara's words:

During this Sound meditation I will be calling in the beautiful energy of Holy Fire® & Unconditional Love Reiki and Singing bowls to work directly with your energy field creating a sacred space of love. The benefits of Reiki Sound Bath Healing Experience: Sound meditation & Reiki can help you feel deeply relaxed, peaceful, and connected to your experience in a safe, harmonious way. Vibrations of sound have been found to work on a cellular level and over time can change an individual's brain wave patterns. Singing Bowls often induce a theta state of being. Theta opens us to the Universe and the knowledge & love inherent within it. Through muscle testing I have even been able to witness beliefs changing through the use of specific sounds to recalibrate our consciousness. Sound and Reiki can ground you into a feeling of deep love.

If you haven't experienced her healing gift, you're missing out. Check out her story and her credentials!

I have walked the path of both emotional and physical pain. These experiences, while difficult, have taught me how to have deep compassion for others. Through my own healing journey, I have navigated an amazing path of transformation. I have discovered my Life Purpose as a healer, intuitive, and spiritual teacher. I now live a life anchored in love, at peace with my experiences, happy and joyful in this life I am blessed to have. My role as a healer is to help you on your journey…..with love and peace… stay grounded so that I am present and aware of what you need at this stage in your life. I utilize many different modalities anchored in Divine Love to help you connect to your own wellspring of healing. I believe in empowering you to create the transformation you desire, changing your paradigm from the inside out. This is not a destination point but rather a journey into your Soul to discover all that is possible.

Sarah is a Registered Holy Fire® III Karuna Reiki® Master Teacher Certified ThetaHealer® Master & Certificate of Science Practitioner and Instructor Certified Advanced Hand Analyst Certified Stone Medicine Practitioner Sacred Soul Alignment Practitioner Channel to Divine Beings, Light Language & Sacred Divine DNA Activations




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