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Roll baby roll!

Foam rolling is truly underrated when it comes to muscle rehab and injury prevention.

Sore muscles? Foam roll

Stiff? Foam roll

Gotta work out? Foam roll

Don't want to get hurt? Foam roll

👉Foam rolling is one of the first things I have my clients do before their workout. It gets the blood flowing to the fascia surrounding tight muscles. You know the adage: You can't stretch a tight muscle? Well, it's true! It needs to be warmed up first. Fascia is a sinewy sheath that encapsulates all the muscles in our body. If it's tight, brittle, stiff---your muscles will be too.

👉After foam rolling we do a 10 minute warm up on the treadmill, bike or elliptical. Then we begin the workout. If at any time they feel tightness or the inability of a muscle to do it's job, we stop and roll it out.

👉Of course stretching at the end of workout is ALWAYS essential. These components in this order will be life changing if you struggle with excessive tightness or muscle pain.

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