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Sh!t happens when you are sleep deprived...

I would have to say Aiden slept the best out of the 4 of us. Clearly, he knows how to handle the heat and surrender...🥵🥵🥵

👉🏼 If you missed my vacay blog--you can check out my blog on 6/26. You gotta love heat and no AC during a power outage. It's called: The best of times and the worst of times.

ANYWHOOOO...there ARE blessings (many blessings) that happen when you SURRENDER and allow. (My words for eternity). The second night of the power outage, when it was just too hot to sleep, I was gifted with a HUGE download. A download that I've been asking for like...for 3 years.

If you've been following me and my journey into an awakened know that I've been learning all about ME! What makes me tick...who AM I really at the core...NOT who my programed self is. What I HAVE discovered is, that I am a ravenous consumer of information. I want to know it ALL! I want to do it ALL!

Hence my certifications:

1) Personal Trainer

2) Group Exercise Instructor

3) Health Coach

4) Structural Assessment and Corrective Exercise Specialist

💪🏼 I always KNEW I was fascinated with the health and wellness field...but I wanted more. I needed more...

So I dove into:

5) Astrology

6) ThetaHealing®

7) Holy Fire Reiki

Ok, so many other things I won't even mention....but what I've been asking for is--what am I to do with all this information????

And VOILA! Sleep deprivation brought it ALL full circle for me. In my sleep deprived state I was shown exactly what I would be doing with all these modalities to help the masses. 🤯

I'm truly forever grateful--beyond words.

Stay tuned as to WHAT it looks like.



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