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Shark teeth

I know most people wouldn't be excited about going Shark tooth hunting, but I can't even begin to tell you HOW excited I was. First of all, they aren't the easiest things to find, second--you WILL get wet looking for them. You see, you have to wade into the ocean at low tide and grab a hand full of sand right where the sand breaks into the ocean. Third, you have to tediously sift through the sand to find these little gems. (It's much easier if you have the professional sifters--but we were amateurs). It was SO fun!

What's so cool about shark teeth you ask?

Exposed as a symbol of male strength, Shark Tooth displays the proud masculinity and potency. They are often supposed to brighten the fate when carried and as a sign of the strength it is predominantly worn by the warriors. The clear sign of shark’s energy is the primed for focus in their tooth too. Their tooth is the totem symbol which confirms self-confidence, self-trust and momentum in life.

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