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Snow on the pumpkin

Well, it's here whether we want it to be or not. And boy did it come in with a vengeance.

Just when we least expect it, life throws us a curve ball right?

What are we going to do? Are we going to REACT, or RESPOND?

That's the million dollar question! So often we react (knee jerk) instead of respond. What's the difference?

When we react it's usually out of a knee jerk reaction, fight or flight. We want to defend our position and BLAME others for our reaction instead of looking within ..... DEEPER.

If we respond....we step back, take a breath and ask 'what is this experience trying to tell me?' What do I need to learn about it that has to do more with me than the other?

Responding allows us to get a better perspective as to what it may REALLY be about.

So what are YOU gonna do next time life throws you a curve ball? REACT or RESPOND?


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