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Solar Flares got me like....

You know how they say: "you gotta feel it to heal it?"

Well, I'M feeling it alright!

There's no doubt you've probably heard all about the solar flares the earth has been experiencing in record number lately right? But did you know you are probably FEELING the effects of them without even realizing it?

👉🏽 Here are just a few of the symptoms from the immense energy these flares are giving off:

  1. Tooth or jaw pain

  2. Dry eyes, blurry vision

  3. Lack of appetite (stomach flu, digestion issues)

  4. Feeling hot or cold randomly

  5. Seeing grids or patterns of movement

  6. Reliving old memories

  7. Pains from past traumas come up

  8. Dry mouth, headaches, sore throat, rashes, itchiness, allergies

  9. Neck and back pain

  10. Irritability

What can we do to counteract these symptoms?


🔥 Eat an alkaline diet (foods that calm the nervous system like licorice, fennel, Turmeric)

🔥Take Vitamin D

🔥Rest, meditate and ground

🔥Gentle stretching, Tai chi,

🔥Have compassion for self and others

These are just some of the symptoms. If you are feeling anything out of the norm for you, good or bad, you're feeling it too! I would love to hear what you are experiencing, so feel free to share!

😎 Most of all, just know we are ALL being upleveled. No one is immune from the effects and it's all for our highest good!


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