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Somewhere over the rainbow, it's time to detox!

There IS life at the end of summer and at the end of the rainbow and it's called:

💥Back on track fall detox!💥

I know how important it is to get back into the routine of life, so why not kick it off after Labor day when kids get back to school and life gets back to routine? Want to join me?

What: 10 day detox

When: September 12 kick off

How: Orenda 10 day cleanse (log into your account to order OR if you're NEW to the Orenda 10 day cleanse, click this link to order yours:

Why: To clean the summer pipes and prepare for fall

Who's with me?? Order ASAP because we kick off on SUNDAY September 12th! Follow me in the Fit Force Fb group! Click here to join:

Questions? Hit me up!



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