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Speaking of sunscreen...

What a treat!!

I had the pleasure of helping Jessica Peterson, who owns Wild Willow Wellness, load up some homemade vials of Lavender sunscreen. She made this and some other goodies for her Summer Solstice Wellness kits. These kits are available to members only, that go out quarterly. Helena is very blessed to have it's very own apothecary which happens to be her own back yard. All of her Wellness Kits are made from organic plants and carefully packaged in recyclables.

I feel so fortunate to know Jessica because well, like minds....ha! We met at Biz to Biz and hit it off right away. I love learning and feel like we're never too old to learn new tricks. Thank you for being my mentor Jessica!

For more information, check it out here:


Forcefit20 is gonna throw some H.I.I.T. work your way! You gonna make it? 12:00 mdt fb live! See you soon.

It's never too late to play!




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