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Still time to order YOUR detox!

It's not too late to get your order in for the JANUARY 11th DETOX kick off! We're doing a GROUP detox in the Fit Force Fb group.

You can order an ORENDA vegetarian detox right here for $208 which lasts 10 days!


If you're a meat lover let me know and I'll order a meat based detox through Biotics Research for $250 which lasts for 17 days. What's your fav? Chocolate or vanilla?

I'm placing the order THIS Wednesday!! LET'S GOOOOO!!!


It's Christmas week! You ready to kick it with some Christmas Pyramids? Meet me today at 12:00 mst via fb live in the Forcefit20 group!

Wanna start the new year out right? Sign up now!!



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