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Testimonial Tuesday!

💗 I LOVE what I do, especially when my clients get results like this! Take a read...

This past week I dealt with a knee injury from an unknown cause. I had worked out (interval circuit) and felt great. My only warning that something was wrong was that my knee buckled when I went upstairs. It buckled to the point that I was dropped to my hands and knees. I had no pain, but had a feeling of instability that remained afterwards. Luckily, both my husband and I are chiropractors, so he immediately assessed my knee and found it to be externally rotated as well as having subluxation to my hips and pelvis.
I continued the week getting adjusted daily, doing myofascial rolling, and taking a break from my workouts. The treatment was slowly working, but a week later, I introduced another workout and went back to square one.
At this point, I had a workout scheduled with Anneliese. I told her what was going on and she immediately said that it could be trapped emotions. I could see the physical ramifications of what I was dealing with, so I wasn’t completely on board with this additional diagnosis. I didn’t feel stressed or anxious, so that added further to my skepticism.
Anneliese assessed the physical aspect of my injury and said that she wanted to try to release any trapped emotions with Emotion Code and change any belief systems with theta healing. We spent most of the session working through emotions and finished with reassessing the physical aspect of the knee problem.
I no longer had the feeling of tightness and instability in my knee. That afternoon I felt extreme exhaustion and the feeling of tightness in my knee returned. Anneliese assured me that it was all a part of the healing process. By the next morning, I was doing things without feeling or even thinking about my knee. I continued with my “homework” from Anneliese and continued getting adjusted by my husband and have now worked out with no pain or buckling returning.
Philosophically, my Chiropractic training has taught me that the body consists of the mind, the body and the spirit and unless all three are addressed, optimal healing and health is not possible. I was addressing only the physical component of healing my knee with my husband and left out the very important mind and spirit aspects. Emotion Code and Theta healing is a great way to incorporate these components. I highly recommend Anneliese. She helped me, even with a high amount of skepticism going into the treatment. Theta healing along with Emotion Code is gentle and effective. Anneliese is also an amazing coach and highly intuitive. You will be in great hands with someone with an even bigger heart! No matter what you are dealing with, you will finish much better off than you began!
-Terah McClain

🙏🏽 Thanks Terah for trusting the process and for sharing!




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