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Thank you Virago Co....

I had the opportunity to speak with Virago Collective about SELF CARE for the month of February! What a treat--literally! Thanks to all who attended and shout out to Reagen Lozar for the invite.

The format was more of a conversation covering:

1) What is self care?

2) How often do you practice self care?

3) What does self care look like for you?

Sometimes we get lost in the shuffle right? We take care of our jobs, our kids, our partner, our dishes, our dinner, our laundry etc. and by the end of the day we've just got nothing left for ourselves. Sound familiar?

But what if... we started with ourselves and put us first above all else? What would that be like? Think of the energy we would have putting ourselves first! 😀

Sounds easy enough right? So why isn't it? We have plenty of excuses like:

  • feeling guilty

  • not enough time

  • too tired

  • don't know where to start

👉🏼 The good news're not alone.

Start small - take 5---- 5 minutes a day to regroup.

>Instead of driving with the music on, be still with your thoughts.

>Turn off the boob tube and breathe.

>Take a shower in complete silence.

>Go for a walk without listening to a podcast.

🤔 Spending quiet time with our thoughts allows us to problem solve. "Me time" that is spent without distraction of external forces invites us to look more deeply into what WE need to do to care for our soul.

🤯 If you notice there is a lot of negative self talk---tune into it instead of turning away from it and ask "what am I being shown about me that I don't want to see?"

Too much to start with? Order my Self Care Oracle deck of cards! They are easy to use and a GREAT way to connect to your higher self. You can find them right here:

Starting small allows space and grace for us to expand, and understand ourselves and our needs more completely!

Need help? Hit me up!💗



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