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Transformation Tuesday!

I share this REAL world transformation because it's REAL, it's RAW and it's HONEST! We live in a world of distraction, mayhem and disorder. It's easy to get off track, but it's about PROGRESS and not about perfection. We fall, we stumble, we get back up and dust ourselves off and KEEP GOING with GRACE and not shame. Take a read:

#testimonial 16 weeks...

I shared yesterday that I am TOTALLY OFF TRACT and need to take care of MYSELF and FOCUS ON ME instead of everyone around me. My NEEDS are the most important. At 16 weeks I am only 3 lbs away from where I started. I'm spending too much time feeling guilty and even after everyone gave me strength, positive feedback from my GROUP (❤️) last week, I'm off track! SO HERE I GO! Starting on Monday, June 1st I am heading to a 30 day detox!!! I'm going to get my fitbit out of it's current charging state and put it on my wrist! I'm going to get 10,000 steps a day (or more) and make sure I am getting enough sleep and continue with my exercise program (which I have been doing most days). Do I feel better - a little bit - am I disappointed in myself - yes, but the MINDSET is growing again!!! THANKS!

Need to get back on track??




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