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Transformation Tuesday!

You're never too old or too young to transform your body, your mind or your life! I love Dorothy's transformation story. I think you will too! Take a read:

I can honestly say I am well satisfied and proud that I enrolled in the Enlightenment Transformation Program! I have always been active and felt that I could adjust my exercise and activity according to the amount of food I consumed – or vice versa. That practice served me well for several decades but in the last couple years, I realized I was spending much more time exercising but not reaping the benefits when I weighed myself.
After visiting with some friends about their experience with the program, I decided to enroll. From the first day – and certainly the first week of detox – I could see that the approach was sound and very practical. I was surprised to learn that I needed to eat more than I was used to eating, and that I needed to eat much healthier. The focus on organic foods rather than processed food made sense. Abstaining from sugar and caffeine and alcohol and flour, emphasizing protein and healthy carbs started me off on a great path to feeling better. I observed by the middle of the second week that I was feeling more energetic. I also felt I was more patient in listening to others I interacted with and I was also more focused. No doubt, I was starting to feel better because I already was losing weight and any inflammation or discomfort I might have had from poor eating habits disappeared. The tutorials presented by Anneliese were very helpful in helping me understand why these new eating patterns were helping me feel healthier. The tutorials also gave me guidance for staying on target through disciplined shopping, meal planning and monitoring results.
The exercises provided by Anneliese were extremely helpful! Before the program, I would walk several miles a day and then reward myself with a fun treat. I learned that I needed to make exercise count by using strength training with the dumbbells and a medicine ball as well as working through quick bursts of energy exercises. All of this caused me to feel better and lose several inches.
Sammy and Anneliese were very helpful in observing my daily food diary and making constructive comments. For example, they sent me gentle messages advising me of the relationship between a few Christmas treats and the slowdown in progress toward my goals. They also encouraged me to watch the negative effect of eating too few calories. I was clearly more successful in losing weight when I used up all of the calories each day with healthy carbs and protein. I am grateful for their interest and support.
As I indicated above, I feel better and much healthier than I did twelve weeks ago. My clothes fit better and I have lost 9 lbs and 8 ½ inches. I am pleased with my results and committed to maintaining a healthy lifestyle and weight. I encourage others to seriously consider this 12 week commitment because it is well worthwhile!


Who's ready for some TRX Tuesday? Come on in, you can try it for FREE! Fuel Fitness 12:10 - 12:50. See you soon!



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