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Transformation Tuesday!

This woman deserves a HUGE round of applause! So please give her a shout out and an atta girl for getting off the weight loss roller coaster! Take a read: 👇

Anneliese asked me to do a testimonial on my changes over the past 6 months. The first picture is one of me on New Years’ Eve this year. I decided before Christmas that I was completely OVER IT. I hated feeling blah about myself. Since Christmas I have lost 38 lbs and a total of over 29 inches. I learned that I was basically eating twice as much food as I needed, it really is about what we are eating, or in my story, how much I was eating. I still have more to go, but I am feeling really proud of myself. I have fluctuated a bit in weight over the years, but found myself just in a rut for the last few of years, as we age, it is not easy to keep the weight where you want it.

I started working with Anneliese way back in the day, since 2002, when the Broadwater Downtown Athletic Club was around. The camaraderie that I found there with such a wonderful group of like minded people, I actually learned for the first time in my life that I was someone that enjoyed working out… Then there was a little pause when Anneliese got a “real” jo