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Transformation Tuesday!

WOOHOOOOO!! Another amazing transformation in the books!! Not even a little virus can stop an amazing life change!! Take a look:

#transformationtestimonial WOW! The last nine months have been such an interesting ride that I feel I must keep riding! I was introduced to Anneliese last October about 2 weeks after I got back from a tropical cruise! I LOVE to travel and explore and be on adventures! After looking at myself in pictures, I knew I wasn’t happy, always trying to stand BEHIND everyone else, yet I am short so got shoved to the front I began my journey the end of October and my initial 12 weeks fell over Thanksgiving and Christmas and I just kept thinking how am I going to do this over the Holidays??? Throughout this program, I have been challenged with tough questions and thoughts, I have a better understanding about food, triggers, accountability, grace, and most of all my Mindset! I am ‘that person’ to have excuses: the heat, the pandemic, the long workday, the fatigue, my health!! There is NO way I could have done any of this without you all as ‘my tribe’ ! The encouragement, the challenges, the hard questions and answers, the Zoom Meetings to hear your voices... ALL of that! My word for the year is CONFIDENCE and I am slowly but surely gaining that!! Whether it be at work, with friends, with clothes, OR getting myself out there to meet ‘that guy’ ( which is extremely challenging in a pandemic) I am working on all of this! My goal was to lose 40 pounds and I hover at that loss along with a body fat loss of 9.4! My muscle mass went from 22.4 to 28.2! #NSV I am no longer in the prediabetic category Loose clothes Loose bras and panties Better endurance Immune system is TONS stronger Sleep is improving

My picture: on my cruise in October 2019 and I re-enacted the SAME outfit last night July 2020!

My journey is NOT over and I look forward to hearing your voices on Zoom and having conversations through the FB group!

Congrats my friend! I just couldn't be prouder of you!!!




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