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Transformation Tuesday!

I can't tell you how damn proud I am of this girl, AND I got the pleasure of meeting her in person not once, but twice! She lives in Texas--which proves you can be a part of my team from ANYWHERE in the US! So much fun working with you Mindy! You deserve all the best! Congrats on your amazing transformation!

WOW! This is it! My last day within the group that has become not only my tribe, my inspiration, my motivation, but my family! I have been blessed with the opportunity to focus on ME for the past year and two months.. to say it has been challenging, is an understatement! I made it through Thanksgiving and Christmas AND through COVID-19! My mindset has been a big reason why I have been able to meet my scale wins and non scale wins!

My scale wins include losing 45 pounds and maintaining, adding vegetables with at least 2 out of 3 meals, and my skin has cleared up from inflammation/bumps. I have learned what my ‘triggers’ are and how to choose alternative foods that are healthy and satisfying. I have a lot of non scale wins but one of the most rewarding one is continually working out and gaining muscle and toning my arms.. Hahaha... I cannot thank my friend Heidi enough for leading me to Anneliese and for her inspiration and encouragement! This is hard to do but it is time for me to spread my wings and fly! My word for the year was CONFIDENCE and I have gained it in so many avenues of my life and I owe SO much to you, my tribe, and Anneliese!


It's not too late to order YOUR Orenda vegetarian detox! $208 for 10 days.

Want to do a meat based detox instead? Hit me up ASAP so I can get your Biotics Research detox ordered. Let me know chocolate or vanilla! $250 for 17 days.

We're doing a group detox starting January 11th! You wanna join in? I'll be holding the detox in the FIT FORCE fb group. Search it out and request to join!




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