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Transformation Tuesday

🌲Take ordinary pine trees, sprinkle them with snow-like fairy dust and your have your very own mystical, magical frosted trees.

It's fun to see the transformation from ordinary to EXTRA ordinary just over night. Although our bodies don't transform over night, they still DO transform right along with our mindsets.

We didn't get to where we are overnight, why do we think we can get to where we want to be all over night? 😝

Transformation isn't just a physical thing. It's a mental thing as well. We don't transform our bodies without transforming our minds. What we THINK about we become. We have to THINK about changing before we can put the change into action. Each step is always thought about, planned upon and then executed. If the mind isn't in the right place transformation is only temporary.

🥰Permanent transformation is about a BEHAVIORAL overhaul. It's truly about changing the behaviors that got us in the situation we want out of. It's gonna be UNCOMFORTABLE, but it's always worth it.

👉What are you doing to overhaul YOUR behaviors?




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