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Transformation Tuesday!

Sooo...yah, this is me skate skiing.

Honestly, if you could have seen me when I started 8 years ago you wouldn't even believe it was me. I couldn't stay upright on those thin blades if my life depended on it. I like to consider myself "somewhat" athletic, but skate skiing challenged that word and me to the enth degree.

The whole adage: practice makes perfect truly is a thing. Not only is it a thing, it's everything. The more I would get out there, the easier it became. Now it's just a matter of perfecting my stroked.

It is one of the physically hardest things I have had the pleasure of doing? 🤔 It challenges my core, my balance, my leg strength but most of all my ego. I wish I could show my before video, but no such luck!

Here's to transformations. They can happen to anyone and everyone physically, mentally and emotionally.

Practice makes perfect!



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